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Year 12 Examinations Timetable

Published: 2021-03-31 09:17:00 | Category: Exams


  Morning Session
(9am start CGS / KSHS / SGA
  Afternoon Session 
(1.15pm start CGS / KSHS / SGA)
Monday 26 April Option C - CGS

Biology (90 mins)
Geography (2hrs)
Maths (2hrs) – including Further Maths students
Ethics& Philosophy (90 mins)
CTEC Sport (90 mins)
Spanish (105 mins)
Physics (90 mins)

Option C - KSHS
Textiles (1h30hrs)
German (2hrs)
Psychology (1h30m) 

Option C - SGA
BTEC Applied Science- U1 (2x40m)
Business-U3 (1h30m)
Chemistry (1h30m)
Digital Media (2h)
Eng Lang & Lit (1h)
Graphics (2h)
History (1h45m) CTEC Sport (1h30m)


Option B - CGS

Art (2hrs) – Rm4
Music (2hrs)
Business Studies (90 mins)
English Literature (75 mins)
History (105 mins) CTEC Sport (90 mins)

Option B - KSHS

Biology (1hrs 30 mins)
Computing (1h30m)
Geography Physical/Human (2 x 1-hour papers)
Physics (1hr 30 min)

Option B - SGA 

Business - U1 (2h)
Maths (2h)
CTEC Sport U1 (1h30m) 

Tuesday 27 April Option D - CGS

Engineering (105 mins)
DT Resistant Materials (2hrs)
Geography (2hrs)
Chemistry (90mins) Physical Education (2hrs)

Option D - KSHS

Business (1hr 30mins)
History ( 1hr 45mins)
English- Comp 1 (2h)
Pure Maths (2hours) Psychology (1h30m) 

Option D - SGA

Art (2h) Biology (1h30m)
Business-U1 (2h)
Business Du- U3 (2h)
French (1h45m)
Media-room- (1h45m)
PE (2h)
Physics (1h30m) Sociology (2h) 

Option A - CGS 

Biology (90 mins)
Maths (2hrs)
Further Maths (2hrs)
History (105 mins) CTEC Business (1hr)

Option A - KSHS

Chemistry (1hrs 30 mins)
Psychology (1h30m)
BTEC Applied Science (2hrs) 

Option A - SGA

Business - U1 (2h)
Geography (2h)
Law (1h30m)
Sociology (2h)
Travel & Tourism (1h30m)
BTEC Applied Science- U5 (2x50m)


  • Examinations at CGS will take place in the School Hall unless otherwise notified.
  • Examinations at KSHS will take place in the Main Hall unless otherwise notified.
  • Examinations at SGA will take place in the New Sports Hall.
  • Students need to be lined up outside exam venue 15 minutes before the start time of the exam.

For the courses taken on more than one site, the scheduled exam will take place at the following venues:

  • CGS - Maths (Further) - Ethics & Philosophy - Spanish - Physics 
  • KSHS - German
  • SGA - Sociology - French


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