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Careers education forms a continuous thread throughout a student’s time at Carre’s. It aims to provide a framework within which each can develop the self-awareness and experience necessary to make balanced decisions at each stage during their time at the school and, hopefully, after they leave.

Carre’s Careers Education & Guidance Programme begins when pupils join in Year 7 at aged 11/12. It aims to provide increasing contact with the world outside throughout a student’s time at school and to help reach those decisions which affects their future in as well informed and balanced a way as possible. Every encouragement is given to discuss the various options with the Heads of Key Stage, Tutor and the Careers Staff.

Careers Leader

Mr I Scholefield
+44 (0) 1529 302181

The Careers Centre

This is particularly well resourced with relevant informative material making full use of internet access about future jobs and Higher Education opportunities. Early and regular visits to the Centre are vital. The Centre based within the LRC is open during the daytime every day and for pupils to research and explore their interests. In addition there are various computer programmes which students can use both to determine Higher Education courses that match their interests and abilities and to look more widely at future careers. Every encouragement is given for regular visits to be made to the Centre during a student’s time at Carre’s and parents are more than welcome to use the resources.

School Careers Guidance

Throughout Key Stage 3, work is done to raise self-awareness and help decision-making in the build-up towards making GCSE option choices. There are also elements of career development in the Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) work.

During the Lent Term of Year 9, all students are introduced to Kudos, a Careers Guidance Program which comprising of assessment test linked to interests and job suggestions which will assist the eventual choice of both GCSE & AS Levels.

In November during the Christmas term the Year 11 student’s undertake take mock examinations which are followed up by one to one guidance interviews designed to help preliminary decisions about AS and A2 Level courses. Further investigation and a second interview take place with Tutors and subject Heads of Department where required.

Work experience is an important part of career exploration and students are asked to spend some time on this at the end of Year 11, the object being to relate experience to potential career options.

Throughout a student’s time within the Sixth Form they have access to many interesting guest speakers from the world of work. This provides up to date information and the opportunity to discover more about a range of profession’s. Guest speakers also cover alternative pathways such as apprenticeships. In Years 12 and 13 students are encouraged to use enrichment time for regular work experience for example working at local primary schools, GP, accountancy firms, outreach to local primary schools as well as veterinary shadowing and volunteering.

Careers Events

During the two years spent in the Sixth Form, students attend a number of events designed to help their career planning, including a structured visit to the Careers Centre and a series of seminars on diverse career fields. Practice interviews for students are offered by the local RAF Officers from Cranwell. A Higher Education Conference takes place in the summer term for the Lower Sixth students at a local university to formally introduce the UCAS process.

Careers Experience Courses

If at Carre’s for GCSEs, pupils are expected to undertake one week of work experience in the summer holiday between Year 11 and Sixth Form years. This is invaluable in bringing realism to thinking about the world of work and is increasingly looked upon by employers and university admissions as evidence of maturity and motivation.

During the Sixth Form there are opportunities during the holidays for students to attend courses specifically aimed at informing about particular careers. These are run by professional bodies and commercial concerns for school pupils. Students are encouraged to make effective use of them.

Student Destinations

  • Student destinations refers to the placement or provision taken up by students at the end of Y11, 12 or 13
  • For a student to have a ‘sustained destination’ they must remain in their chosen placement or provision from October until March (for at least 2 terms after KS4)
  • The latest publicly available data on 16-19 study programmes (2015/16) in the 2018 IDSR indicates that 6% of Y13 leavers did not sustain their destinations which is less than the national figure (8%).
  • Latest publically available data (2015-16) on 16 year olds show that pupils staying in education or employment for at least 2 terms after KS4 was 98%, with 95% of pupils staying in education, which is above the national figures on these measures (94%/86%) and that of other schools in the local authority (95%/87%)
  • Latest publicly available data also indicates that Carre’s Grammar School retains students well. In 2018 81% of our students continued into our Sixth Form.


UCAS is the Universities Centralised Admission System for degree courses at universities and colleges. Tutors keep in close touch with their tutees about their hopes and potential, discuss options in depth, and guide tutees through the relevant application procedure. All pupils will have a briefing on how to apply through UCAS Apply (internet application). Students, with their parents, will be introduced to these at the Higher Education and Gap seminar held each year by the Head of Sixth.

The Tutor and Head of Sixth will prepare the Students' academic and personal reference. In addition to the student’s interview, the Tutor can also arrange mock interviews in preparation for the real thing. When A Level results are known, the Tutor and Careers staff will be available to help any pupils who may need it.

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